Friday, March 8, 2013

A Funeral Bearer

Up first is this lovely photo entitled "A Funeral Bearer" by Robert William Buss. It is dated between 1831-1840.  From The Museum Of London's description -

Funeral bearers, or 'mutes' as they were also known, customarily preceded a funeral procession and were a common sight in 19th century London. One of a pair, this painting depicts a funeral bearer at full-length standing next to a column, within a feigned oval.
Dressed predominately in black - a black suit, a top hat covered in black and a black sash - he is holding a staff, also draped in black, in his right hand. Facing half-right and looking slightly downwards, his expression is appropriately sombre. The other painting in the Museum's collection shows a 'mute' wearing a white sash, holding a staff covered in white and facing the other way.

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